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Ultimate Pamper Pack


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For a special person, the ultimate pamper pack will  continue to pamper for many weeks:

4 assorted soaps;  delicately fragranced with the Soap Bar bespoke blends of essential oils

Coffee and Coconut Scrub:   Coffee stimulates and tightens pores, coconut is nourishing and revitalising.

Candle: soy candle,  delicately scented, clean pure burn

Bath Bomb:  relax in a comforting warm bath with a nourishing 

Relaxation Eye Pillow:  encourages relaxation with lavender buds providing gentle fragrant pressure to close eyes and promote relaxation. Linen with flax seed and lavender buds.

Lavender oil:  lavender is the quintessential oil to promote relaxation and relieve anxiety.  Being a mum is fraught with anxiety.  May be massaged into pressure points, vaporised in an diffuser, a few drops on the pillow that will promote restful sleep.

Presented in a beautiful handmade screen printed cotton bag

Skin Luxury Trio


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 When a trio really contains four beautiful rosehip products for soft clean and rejuvenated skin....

Deluxe face bar:  Creamy gentle soap enriched with avocado oil, shea butter, dairy cream, manuka honey and ground oatmeal

Silk Face cloth: Silk  acts as a gentle exfoliant - with the gentle lather of deluxe face bar, dirt  and dead skin cells are gently lifted from the skin, encouraging the growth of healthy, soft new skin

Revitalising Elixir:  Rosehip oil is rich in vitamins and fatty acids to aid  skin regeneration and reduce fine lines

Rosehip Wrinkle Relax:  Rich, but exceptionally light moisturiser, rich in rosehip and jojoba oil, vitamin Q10, hyaluronic acid with  delicate rose oil to  smooth fine lines, reduce redness and result in a healthy glow.

Relaxation Pack


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This relaxation inspired gift pack has been thoughtfully designed for the mum that loves roses!. Included are 3 of our most popular soaps from our floral range.  A relaxing pack of bath salts with a blend of lavender, mandarin and marjoram essential oils.