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Accessories and Gifts

Kiss and Flirt


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Who doesn't love some flirty fun. Spoil your special someone with these  floral and fizzy combinations.  Flirtatious soap and bomb has a fabulous and flirty blend of bergamot, lime, pettigrain and ylang ylang.

Some flirty fun generally that leads to  sweet kisses ......our sweet kisses soap and bombs is a  lovely soft blend of rose geranium and lemon oils; like the kiss of summer sun

Bouquet of Flowers


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A gorgeous gift representing a floral bouquet -Clean burning soy candle with lavender oil, a citrus splash bath bomb and  two exquisite floral soaps with essential oil combinations carefully combined to create a light and breezy floral scents-:

Wildflowers  represents the transformation of a grassy outback plain that after heavy rain is  magically transformed into brightly coloured carpets of wild flowers.  A fresh and fragrant blend of lemon myrtle, patchouli, lavender and neroli.  

Sun-dappled fields, freshness, the promise of renewal, and bright stretches of fabulous colour. Spring flowers deliver freshness and positivity, and we've captured that essence in our Spring Flowers soap, with lavender, rosemary and lemongrass oils.



Ultimate Romance Gift Basket


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Are you looking for a romantic gift to give the special someone in your life?  Well, we have you covered!  

The ultimate romance basket will show your sweet heart how much you care with  soap, fizzy bath bomb,  clean burning soy candle and a nourishing light massage oils

Our exquisite custom romance blend is a sweet, gentle and soothing blend of lavender, sensual ylang ylang and bright pink grapefruit oil; all designed to bring some romance back into your life


Skin Luxury Trio


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When a trio contains four beautiful products for soft clean and rejuvenated skin

Deluxe face bar:  Creamy gentle soap enriched with avocado oil, shea butter, dairy cream, manuka honey and ground oatmeal

Silk Face cloth: Silk  acts as a gentle exfoliant - with the gentle lather of deluxe face bar, dirt  and dead skin cells are gently lifted from the skin, encouraging the growth of healthy, soft new skin

Revitalising Elixir:  Rosehip oil is rich in vitamins and fatty acids to aid  skin regeneration and reduce fine lines

Rosehip Wrinkle Relax:  Rich, but exceptionally light moisturiser, rich in rosehip and jojoba oil, vitamin Q10, hyaluronic acid with  delicate rose oil to  smooth fine lines, reduce redness and result in a healthy glow


Sample Pack - small


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6 beautiful 1/2 bars packaged with the ‘tops’ showing finished with raffia.

Silk Face Cloth


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Silk’s unique protein structure provides enzymatic action to assist in dissolving dirt and other impurities from your skin, encouraging circulation and cell regeneration. Use daily to aid the skin’s ability to shed dead cells and clean pores. Can be used with any soap, but for best results we recommend gentle facial cleanser or deluxe face bar. Your skin will look polished and radiant. Machine washable.

Soap Tray – Ladder Style


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Extend the life of your hand made soap – this coconut wood tray allows the air to circulate and keeps your soap dry.

Soap Tray – Light Wood


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Extend the life of your hand made soap – this natural wood tray allows the air to circulate and keeps your soap dry.

Soap Tray – Flat


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Extend the life of your hand made soap – this coconut wood tray allows the air to circulate and keeps your soap dry.

Relaxation Eye Pillow


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These linen eye pillows are filled with flax seeds and lavender buds. Whilst relaxing, place the  pillow across your eyes to encourage deep relaxation. 

May be beige or light pink

Heat Pack


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Perfect size for a sore neck and shoulders. Made of thick wale corduroy, filled with flax seeds and scented with lemongrass and lavender essential oils. We use flax seeds as they retain their heat longer than wheat or rice.

A Simple Gift


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Looking for gift ideas? This simple gift contains two of our luxurious bath bombs and one bar of hand made soap. Wrapped in cellophane and tied with a ribbon. Let us know what soap and bath bombs you would like, or leave it up to us to choose! Let someone know you are thinking of them with this simple gift.