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The Soap Bar  soaps are natural and handmade.   To help minimise our environmental footprint, we are proudly palm oil free.  Vast tracts of rainforest in Malaysia and Indonesia have been (and are continuing) to be decimated due to the western world's demand for palm oil. There are alternatives; we use a nourishing blend of  olive oil, rice bran oil, coconut oil and cocoa butter to provide a  thick creamy lather that leaves your skin soft and supple. To keep our products as natural as possible, we have created over 40 different blends of essential oils that speak to your heart and mind.  Our colours are derived from blends of French and Australian clays, some oxides and ultra marines.  Each bar weighs minimum 125g.


CUSTOM CLEAROUT - 10 x excess custom orders, some seconds


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10 bars of soap for $68.00. limited time only - these are left over custom orders, sample runs or perhaps something went wrong.    Some may be more lightly scented, some flowers may have fallen off - but they are all good soap.  We might have used an incorrect colour or essential oil combination for the particular soap.  Some soaps have extra special ingredients.  Random  supply

Once gone, we will remove from the website! Be Quick!!

Heat Pack


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Perfect size for a sore neck and shoulders. Made of thick wale corduroy, filled with flax seeds and scented with lemongrass and lavender essential oils. We use flax seeds as they retain their heat longer than wheat or rice.

Soap Tray – Flat


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Extend the life of your hand made soap – this coconut wood tray allows the air to circulate and keeps your soap dry.

Silk Face Cloth


Currently not available

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Silk’s unique protein structure provides enzymatic action to assist in dissolving dirt and other impurities from your skin, encouraging circulation and cell regeneration. Use daily to aid the skin’s ability to shed dead cells and clean pores. Can be used with any soap, but for best results we recommend gentle facial cleanser or deluxe face bar. Your skin will look polished and radiant. Machine washable.

Soap Tray – Ladder Style


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Extend the life of your hand made soap – this coconut wood tray allows the air to circulate and keeps your soap dry.

Soap Tray – Light Wood


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Extend the life of your hand made soap – this natural wood tray allows the air to circulate and keeps your soap dry.

Relaxation Eye Pillow


Currently not available

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These linen eye pillows are filled with flax seeds and lavender buds. Whilst relaxing, place the  pillow across your eyes to encourage deep relaxation. 

Sample Pack - small


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6 beautiful 1/2 bars packaged with the ‘tops’ showing finished with raffia.

Gift Basket


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A thoughtful gift, containing a soap, bath bomb, candle and body butter.  Each basket is slightly different, but all products are chosen from our best selling ranges.

Soap:  creamy, long lasting and nourishing..

Bath Bomb:  fizzy and fragrant, the perfect escape  for some 'me time' run a bath, light a candle, read a book and sip some wine..

Body Butter:  Made with cocoa butter and other skin loving oils and fragranced with essential oils to nurture.

Candle:  Soy candle delicately scented to calm and relax


Skin Luxury Trio


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When a trio contains four beautiful products for soft clean and rejuvenated skin

Deluxe face bar:  Creamy gentle soap enriched with avocado oil, shea butter, dairy cream, manuka honey and ground oatmeal

Silk Face cloth: Silk  acts as a gentle exfoliant - with the gentle lather of deluxe face bar, dirt  and dead skin cells are gently lifted from the skin, encouraging the growth of healthy, soft new skin

Revitalising Elixir:  Rosehip oil is rich in vitamins and fatty acids to aid  skin regeneration and reduce fine lines

Rosehip Wrinkle Relax:  Rich, but exceptionally light moisturiser, rich in rosehip and jojoba oil, vitamin Q10, hyaluronic acid with  delicate rose oil to  smooth fine lines, reduce redness and result in a healthy glow


Ultimate Pamper Pack


Currently not available

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For a special person, the ultimate pamper pack will  continue to pamper for many weeks:

4 assorted soaps;  delicately fragranced with the Soap Bar bespoke blends of essential oils

Coffee and Coconut Scrub:   Coffee stimulates and tightens pores, coconut is nourishing and revitalising.

Candle: soy candle,  delicately scented, clean pure burn

Bath Bomb:  relax in a comforting warm bath with a nourishing 

Relaxation Eye Pillow:  encourages relaxation with lavender buds providing gentle fragrant pressure to close eyes and promote relaxation. Linen with flax seed and lavender buds.

Lavender oil:  lavender is the quintessential oil to promote relaxation and relieve anxiety.  Being a mum is fraught with anxiety.  May be massaged into pressure points, vaporised in an diffuser, a few drops on the pillow that will promote restful sleep.

Presented in a beautiful handmade screen printed cotton bag



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Who hasn't tossed and turned after a busy day; busy with kids, work, study or just general life stress?  A  gentle relaxation ritual can relax the mind and body and get us ready for a restful sleep. When we were babies someone may have sung us a sweet lullaby,  you may even do this for your kids.  

We have called this  lovely soothing handmade bar soap   'Lullaby'  as the soothing lavender oil calms your spirit and the creamy goat's milk  is high in lactic acid and  Vitamin A to help remove dead skin cells and regenerate skin cells for supple and soft skin.

Lullaby  is a  soothing handmade soap bar, highly cleansing, deeply moisturising and gentle made on a carefully chosen base of coconut oil, rice bran oil, olive oil and cocoa butter. It is handmade using the traditional cold process method which unlike commercial soap making leaves the natural glycerine in the soap. Glycerine acts as a humectant, gently hydrating the skin without stripping the skin of moisture and natural oils. 

Beautifully scented with pure lavender oil, known for its ability to calm and soothe.