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Our Nepali Partners

In 2009, we realized one of our personal life goals – to trek in the Nepalese Himalaya to Everest Base Camp and see Mount Everest. For us, like many others before us, it was a life changing experience. We were drawn in by the beauty of the mountains; humbled by their majesty and awed by their grandeur. Walking from village to village we were warmly welcomed and enthusiastically greeted with exclamations of ‘Namaste’ from both children and adults.

Each morning we arose, dressed, packed up our bags and walked to the next stop. Each night we slept comfortably in guest houses. We walked through areas accessible only by foot where everything that is needed, if not produced locally, is carried in. The experience helped us to clarify what is important in life; to question the value we place on possessions and to search out ways we could make meaningful contributions to the lives of these people.

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world. Health care and education are two of the developed world’s basics that we take for granted, but for the Nepalese, are precious luxuries that they yearn for. However, the Nepalese are happy, hardworking, honest, industrious and innovative.

Since our first trip to Nepal, we have become friends with some wonderful Nepalese families and we seek to assist them by providing help in a meaningful way. We would love to encourage others to travel to Nepal and experience this wonderful country for themselves. A great way to do this is by engaging a Nepalese agency to make all the necessary arrangements, such as permits, guides and porters. They can customise your trek, you can go alone or in a small group of your own and there is no fixed departure date. A guide can increase your enjoyment as you will learn more about the Nepali culture and gain many friends. Some people feel uncomfortable asking someone else to carry their bag, however, from the Nepalese perspective you are helping them by providing an income to help them feed their family. We highly recommend Nepal Experienced Adventure Treks Chandra Tamang is a very experienced and highly personable business man with a wealth of knowledge and a pleasure to work with.

We have also connected with small Nepali driven organisations that are aimed at developing skills for women that lead to income generation for the women and health and education services for some rural villages. Many of these products are available for sale through our website and in our retail shops. When you purchase these products, you can be sure that your help will be appreciated by these people.