The Soap Bar soaps are made with a combination of olive oil, rice bran oil, coconut oil and cocoa butter.

The Soap Bar soaps do not contain any palm oil. Palm oil has been implicated over the last few years with issues relating to deforestation of rainforest in Indonesia and Malaysia, leading to loss of habitat and devastating ecological consequences.

  • Olive oil has many positive benefits when used in soaps. It is especially mild and has good moisturising qualities. It helps to provide a breathable film on the skin that assists to retain moisture whilst not inhibiting the skin’s protective functions such as sweating. Some oils used in soap making will block these functions, thus contributing to blemishes and irritation.

  • Rice bran oil is rich in anti oxidant ingredients including vitamin E and gamma-oryzanol - used to enhance skin softening and youthful complexion.

  • Coconut oil provides exceptional cleansing qualities and a light fluffy lather.

  • Cocoa butter also has strong antioxidant properties, is an excellent emollient and assists in providing a long lasting bar.

All soaps are mixed, poured, swirled and cut by hand, thus sight differences in appearance both in colour and ‘tops’ may occur. This adds to the appeal of the product. The soaps are enriched with additives such as oatmeal, manuka honey, shea butter, aloe vera, herbs, dairy cream and goat’s milk. Australian and French clays assist deep cleansing, exfoliation and cell rejuvenation. 

The Soap Bar soaps produce a creamy, dense lather leaving your skin soft and sweetly fragranced. Glycerin is a natural by product of the soap making process and, unlike commercial soap that removes this valuable product for use in other products; The Soap Bar soaps retain their glycerin. Being a natural humectant, glycerin will draw moisture to itself increasing the gentle qualities of these soaps.

To improve the life of your soap, ensure it is kept out of water between uses, a well drained soap dish is ideal.

The Soap Bar/Addiction Naturale products do not use ingredients tested on animals, nor are any of our products tested on animals.